Frequently Asked Questions

How can an optimised page help me make more sales?

An optimised page or website is designed to communicate what a user needs to know to purchase, while building trust and forming an emotional bond. Studies have shown that people are more likely to purchase from brands they trust and feel heard by.

The goal is to create a simple and intuitive experience and remove friction points along the user journey to reduce the risk of people leaving a website before making a purchase.

Often, websites are designed from a brand’s point-of-view, whereas a conversion-optimised website or page focuses on the user’s needs.

Generally, an optimised website contains educational elements, social proof and clear communication around the problem a user is facing, plus the solution a product or service provides. This results in the user feeling like a brand really gets them (emotional bond), provides reassurance (credibility and trust) and ensures that the experience is positive and seamless (no friction).

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a page a user lands on after clicking on something, like an ad for example.

Often, the homepage or product pages are used as landing pages, however this isn’t ideal, especially if the user has never heard of a brand before. The homepage or product page can miss vital information and feel out of context, which means we run risk of losing the user.

The goal of a landing page is to provide the user with everything they need to know in a simple way, so they intutively scroll and click on your call-to-action without hesitating.

It is important to consider the full user journey when writing copy for a landing page, ie think about where a user is coming from and where they’re going. For example, if a user sees an ad on Facebook and clicks on it, think about the copy of the ad and make sure the landing page picks up on where the ad left off. This ensures a smooth transition that leads the user to an action, such as a purchase or getting in touch with you.

We always want to avoid that a user has to scroll up and down or click through multiple pages to find the information they need to make a decision, which is why a landing page generally includes everything a user needs to know, moves in one direction only and is designed as part of a flow and with a specific goal in mind.

What will happen after I purchase a blueprint?

You’ll receive an order notification and access to your online account. Once you log into your account, you’ll be able to view all blueprints you have purchased.

What do I get when I purchase a blueprint?

After your purchase is completed, you can log into your account to access a digital version of any blueprint/s you purchased. Each blueprint includes the page structure along with expert explanations and copy tips.

Once you purchase. ablueprint, you get lifetime access to all future updates as well.

How do I implement a blueprint?

Our blueprints include the page strcture and copy tips. All you need to do is recreate the structure on your website page and add images / write copy where required. Always make sure that what you’ve built works across devices. 

If you need any assistance, feel free to reach out to our team, we can help. 

Can I use your blueprints on Shopify?

Yes, you can use our blueprints for your Shopify store.

Depending on your theme, you might need help from a developer. We always recommend making a copy of your live theme and editing the draft version until you’re ready. This way your website can run smoothly until you’re happy with everything.

If you need any assistance, feel free to reach out to our team, we can help.

Can I use your blueprints on WordPress?

Yes, you can use our blueprints on WordPress. If you need any assistance, feel free to reach out to our team.

Can you implement a blueprint for me?

Yes, we can. Simply get in touch with our team and we’ll send you a quote based on your needs.

How does the custom process work?

All custom projects are carried out by Considered Agency, the team behind Uncapped Conversion.

First, we create a clear brief with you, which is followed by a detailed proposal including the scope and tasks involved. This ensures you know exactly what’s happening.

All our projects include extensive research of your brand and your ideal audience, to ensure we have a good understanding of the problem and solution before we dive into creating a custom website layout for you.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

Due to the digital nature of our blueprints, all purchases are final and non-refundable.

What's not included?

Each blueprint uses best-practice page structures based on our experience. We give you everything you need to personlise the page and tailor it to your ideal customer. This includes copy tips to help you write copy that speaks to your audience.

However, our blueprints don’t include any customised structure or copy. If you’d prefer a more personalised approach, you can reach out to our team for a custom project.

How long do I have access to the blueprint I purchased?

You will get lifetime access via your user account to any blueprint/s you purchased.

Will I receive updated blueprint versions in the future?

Yes! You will get lifetime access to any blueprint/s you purchased. We update blueprints from time to time, simply log into your account to view the latest version/s.